10 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Someone once said that “life is too short, so live it to the fullest.” Living life to the fullest involves living it happily, and whether one says it or not, everyone needs someone to be around. Who better than a dog can make someone’s life happening and eliminate the boredom out of his/her routine life?

Having a four-legged friend is and always will be the best one can achieve in his lifetime.

Dogs are the most loyal animal to date. The constant following around, sniffing the shoes, licking the face, running after the ball is something one can never get off with.

Ever wondered that other than following its loyalty a dog can also be beneficial for health.

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Your best bud your dog

Let’s get to know what those benefits are-

1. Keep an individual fit and healthy

What do dogs love the most? Other than putting their heads outside of a running car, dogs love to go out and walk. Unlike the human beings, these creatures are not so lazy.

  • According to Health experts, a time frame of about two and a half hours is enough for the adults to spend doing exercise. Having a dog can make it easy to accomplish the target.
  • It is universally believed that people love to walk along with their dogs, this way they complete their portion of the exercise, mostly!
  • In a study, it was found that the older adults who walked along with their dogs experienced lower body mass index and lesser doctor visit.

2. Helps to lose weight

  • A daily walk with dogs lower the body mass index and therefore contributes to losing weight.
  • In a small study, it was discovered that people who walked along with the dogs five times a week lost an average of 14.4 pounds in a year.
  • The high-energy lifestyle of the dogs inspires dog owners and thus to satisfy their dog’s need, they start living an active life, thus helps in their favor.

3. Reduce Stress or Strain

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  • It is said that being with living with dogs can help to lower pressure or reduces the anxiousness.
  • Spending some time with the dogs can help to control blood sugar, and also increase the levels of two Neurochemicals which are dopamine and serotonin, which plays an influential role in calming the body.
  • Suppose someone has a big meeting the next day, and he is in a lot of pressure to work on a presentation, believe it or not, having a pet dog around is something which can ease his stress.
  • Many studies have shown that dogs reduce the tension both at the office and between married couples.

4. Detect Low Blood Sugar

  • It might be hard to believe that dogs are capable of detecting low blood sugar.
  • But according to two case studies, it was found that dogs nudged their owners into eating after detecting the falling glucose levels in their body.
  • In an article, it was stated that dogs living with diabetic people had displayed behavioral changes when their owner’s blood sugar level drops.
  • Sometimes, they are aware of it even before the patients.
  • It is not clear that how dogs did it, but they were able to detect changes in owner’s scent or minute muscle tremors, according to a study.

5. They also improve Heart Health

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  • Dogs are the beautiful companions who not only can make one’s heart filled with love but can also adjust the heart’s health.
  • According to studies, it is proved that dogs are linked to low cholesterol and low blood pressure, which are helpful in building better cardiovascular health.
  • They also are responsible for decreased triglyceride levels which again ensures better heart health.
  • The people having a canine companion are less likely to have a heart attack than those who do not have one.
  • Also, if a cardiac attack comes, then the people with dog pets have more survival rates than the others.

6. Lowers the risk of falling into depression

  • Well, dogs tend to be always around, and therefore the main stage of grief where one finds himself all alone is what never occurs in the lives of dog owners.
  • There are proves that some dog owners who are suffering from a disease or are isolated have a lesser risk of falling into depression.
  • But there are studies which prove otherwise. Therefore this one is a little complicated.

 7. They may detect cancer

  • It is tough to believe that dogs can do such a marvelous act, but research suggests that it is true, dogs can detect cancer.
  • In a study in The Lancet (1989), it was reported that a dog used to sniff a mole on the leg of its owner and even tried to bite it out after the owner consulted a doctor it was found that it was malignant melanoma.
  • A dog named Panda which was specially trained detected cancer of 33 out 37 samples of people’s stool and breath.
  • It is ambiguous about what they focus on to detect or find such diseases, but they do, and it’s a significant benefit!

8. Can Rehabilitate from Illness

  • Dogs are beneficial in rehabilitating the people suffering from illness.
  • There are therapy dogs, which encourages the patients, motivates them and provide interpersonal contact and socialization which is very much needed at the time of any severe disease.
  • They enhance the interaction between people and eliminate the lonesome feelings among the physically disabled and older adults.
  • Dog owners are less likely to have any anxiety-related illnesses than those who do not own dogs.

9. Make the kids more Emphatic

  • Dogs help the children to regulate their emotions as they are very spontaneous to react to child’s actions and feelings.
  • In a study in 2017, it was observed that children between 7-12 years who had dogs had encouraged compassion and right attitude towards animals. This study proved the better well-being of both the child and dog.
  • And the children tend to develop a strong bond with their pets since the time they are infants.

10. Joyous

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  • It has already been discussed how dogs are capable of keeping a person away from depression, but they also make a person feel happier.
  • Having a dog increases the level of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters which happen to create a good feeling and thus are responsible for pleasure and emotional stability.
  • It is believed that the dog owners are more likely to live longer than the dog-less, as they have less tendency of increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels and other diseases.

Final word

In the world where everyone is running behind money, dogs are the only ones who are only running behind their owners. They never turn their back on the one they love. Keeping a dog not only like having a best friend, but having a healthy best friend.

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