10 Health Benefits of Tarragon

Tarragon is an aromatic herb which has narrow, tapering and slightly sloppy leaves. These leaves are grown from the slender stem and contain a lot of beneficial nutrients.

Tarragon herb is also known as Artemisia dracunculus. Among the tarragon herbs from various countries, the French and Russian tarragon herbs are the most famous and commonly used for multiple cuisines.

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Talking about its benefits, tarragon herbs are considered as rich in nutrients and minerals as it contains protein, fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and C, etc.

The herb can be used in salads, and to marinate fish, lamb, and poultry.

Ten health benefits of Tarragon-

1. It is a rich source of beneficial nutrients

As already mentioned, tarragon is a herb which contains a lot of useful proteins and nutrients. Also, it provides a few carbs and calories which is a good thing to know if you are in your weight loss spree.

The iron present in it protects you from anemia and is a key to cell function. The potassium and Manganese present in are good for proper function of heart and brain.

Other than that, potassium is also found to be instrumental in lowering the blood pressure.

2. Helps to improve sleep

Tarragon found in Artemisia plants is considered as one of the effective remedies in regulating sleeping patterns and promoting sleep.

It is said that fitful sleep can be harmful as it can increase the risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The main reason for poor sleeping habits can be long working hours or high level of stress. Therefore it is essential to maintain your precious sleep.

The Artemisia plants have sedative effects which are instrumental in making a person feel sleepy, and thus they are helpful in improving sleep.

3. It may help in relieving pain

The herb is also useful in reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis.

In a study, it was found that the tarragon extract in Arthrem as a dietary supplement is quite successful in eliminating pain and stiffness from the body.

It is suggested by the researchers that the lower dose of 150 mg consumed two times a day is more effective than consumption of the treatment of 300 mg twice a day.

Some of the other studies also suggested proposing Artemisia plants as an alternative to the traditional pain relievers.

4. Helps to decrease blood sugar

Tarragon is found to be quite useful in improving insulin sensitivity as well as helps to improve the process through which the body uses it.

Insulin is a hormone which provides glucose to the cells of your body so you can feel energized.

Insulin resistance can be caused due to diet and inflammation can lead to an increase in glucose levels.

According to a study it was discovered that tarragon extracts are more effective in lowering blood glucose than a placebo by 20%.

In another study, it was found that the people who consumed tarragon extracts before breakfast and dinner for 90 days had experienced a decrease in insulin secretion. Thus, they were able to keep their blood sugar levels balanced.

5. It prevents anemia

These herbs contain iron mineral which is essential in producing red blood cells. These red blood cells contain hemoglobin.

Tarragon is also useful in absorbing the iron in the body as it contains Vitamin C. Therefore, it is beneficial in avoiding the blood-related problems.

These problems may include disease like anemia.

6. It ensures proper blood flow

This herb contains the compounds which inhibit activation of platelets. Therefore, they are instrumental in preventing the platelet aggregation to blood vessels walls.

This way it is found to be helpful to protect people from a heart attack or stroke as it prevents clot formation in brain and heart vessels.

It was already mentioned that the iron present in tarragon is helpful in blood cell production, but it also helps in improving the blood flow in the body.

Additionally, it keeps your body healthy in a balanced level as it also helps in distribution of antioxidants and nutrients.

It also helps in the distribution of oxygen in the body to maintain our lives intact.

7. It improves digestion

The leaves of this herb can also be used as a digestive tonic to improve your digestive system naturally.as the herb helps to stimulate the liver for the secretion of bile juice.

This way it also prevents the digestive problems such as indigestion, upset stomach, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

It also increases the appetite and also helps to prevent constipation as it contains the dietary fibers.

8. Aids in promoting healthy bone structure

Along with improving the blood flow, tarragon is also useful in eliminating the uric acid which is an unhealthy toxic.

Magnesium found in this herb works as a muscle relaxant.

The calcium and phosphorus found in this herb are good for bones formation as well as enhancing bone strength.

It increases muscle mass and enhances the muscle growth as it adsorbs the creatinine in the body.

9. Key role in the central nervous system

The tarragon herb has Vitamin B6 present in it which plays a vital role in the Central Nervous System.

It also helps to prevent the body from dementia (a condition in which the memory of the person declines as the person ages).

It is also helpful in reducing neuropathic symptoms like tingling and numbness.

The leaves of tarragon also contain vitamin B12 which prevents from any damage related to neurons in the neurological system.

10. Oral health

Tarragon is also useful in curing oral problems such as loosening of teeth, cavities, the fragility of gums, etc. It works as an antiseptic agent and contains eugenol which has a pain relieving effect.

They are also instrumental in preventing toothaches which leads to soaring gums. Just by chewing the tarragon leaves can make you feel relieved from the toothaches.

Even if you consume it as an herbal tea, it can give you similar benefits.


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