Best Apples for Homemade Applesauce

Apples are one of those fruits which are preferred by almost everyone. There will be hardly someone who will say that ‘I don’t like Apples’. At times, you might not like eating raw apples, so what can you do? Make a sauce? Yes, you can. You can make applesauce out of almost all sorts of apples provided with one clause. The apples have to be soft. They will be easy to cook and time taken will be the least. In case, you want additional flavours; you can blend a mix of apple varieties in it.

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Types of Apples You Need

Applesauce tastes better when you have a combination of apples. Blending the tart and the so-called unsalted apple supplements layers to the flavour of the homemade sauce.

  • Sweet and Mildly Sweet: In reality, Washington Apple Commision vehemently advocates for all kinds of apples, but there is a list that indicates that several varieties are sweeter than the other versions. The list includes Crispin, Fuji, golden delicious and Cortland.
  • Tart (With a Hint of Sweetness): People who love apples that merges with a sweet and tart, then the following group is the right ones for you. The heritage diversity Gravenstein might merely be the healthiest apple for preparing applesauce. However, their brief production period and decreasing farms are making it more tedious for farmers to get the right kind of apple. The varieties include McIntosh, Jonamac and Gravenstein. 

  • Sharp, Crisp and Tangy Apples: These are the kinds of Apple tastes sour and can give you a bit of a biting feeling. They are known as liberty, Ida red, Rome and Braeburn.

How Can You Convert the Apple into Applesauce?

When you are ready to make applesauce, you will require a lot of skinning and coring. In case, you are willing to prepare applesauce on a consistent basis; there is a contingent need to invest in an apple corer/peeler. With every turn, it will remove the peel and core at the very same time which in turn saves a lot of time. Other kinds of devices will also cut the apples for you in a convenient manner.

Once you are done peeling and coring the apples, it is time to start preparing the sauce. For making applesauce, you can either use a stove or get hold of a slow cooker. Ovens are a better choice as they offer to accommodate large quantities at the same time. On the other hand, if time is not a factor for you, you can opt for a slow cooker as this is entirely automatic and you can get a handsfree service. Both the method works quite well, and it is up to you which way works the best as per your situation.

For slow cooker, you do not have to use water content, just cut the apples and pile them up together. Add some lemon juice which will help your apple from browning. The next step is to spread your preferred choices of spices and a little bit of sugar. Start cooking and keep on stirring occasionally. Wait until the apple is turning soft enough so that it can be adequately mashed. Now, if you want your sauce to be chunky, then use a potato masher, alternatively, if you want your applesauce to be creamy, then you can get your hands on an immersion blender.

Wrapping Up…

The apple varieties which are mentioned in the article are not likely to be available in your supermarket. However, this does not imply that you cannot make your favourite applesauce. Products like Granny Smith will be an excellent choice when you blend it with a sweet or a soft McIntosh or Gala. You must ensure that you are purchasing fresh apples, no matter whatever variety you are utilising.

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