Ciabatta Bread Calories and Nutrition | Is Ciabatta Bread Vegan?

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Ciabatta bread is a hot item on modern menus offered at a variety of eateries. It is served in the significant fast-food chains to conventional sit-down establishments. The word Ciabatta means carpet slipper” in Italian. The ciabatta bread is an Italian white bread which was developed in the early 1980s. As a matter of fact, it was extremely popular in Europe since the 1990s. The ciabatta bread fashion passed over the Atlantic about the turn of the era and has noticed near-universal recognition by bread eaters.

Ciabatta Calories and Nutrition?

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When investigating the nutritional value of Ciabatta Bread, it is evident to think of it as a standard white bread.  And the one which will not be praised for having immense nutritional value. A whole serving of ciabatta bread will contain roughly about 260 calories and will usually allow up to 6 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs.

It is significant to remark that 240 calories usually represents a slice of ciabatta bread. A standard restaurant serving might hint that there are some calories in it, only because a part is big enough to include two servings.

Graphically conversing, a slice of ciabatta bread is formed with about 70 percent carbs, 12 percent fat and 18 percent protein. Therefore, it is challenging to contemplate this food as a low fat or fat-free choice. It cannot be incorporated for any weight loss diet menu.

In fact, people asking whether Ciabatta bread is vegan or not?  It is likely that the bread is vegan as it is composed of wheat flour, water, salt and yeast which are either commercial or natural.

Major Ingredients of Ciabatta Bread

The essential components of ciabatta bread as we already mentioned is flour, however many recipes term it as bread flour. The flour for ciabatta is a rather gluten-heavy sort of flour. Some eateries do offer a whole wheat variant of this bread. Interestingly, much of the popularity comes due to the unique texture and taste when produced with conventional white flour. This is why the majority of the eatery chains will simply offer the ones which are baked with regular white flour.

Most of the ingredients of ciabatta bread fall beneath a typical component list. The list includes food items such as sugar, salt, and yeast, but the recipe does request for olive oil as well. This combination is a highly nutritious variety of oil that allows healthy monounsaturated fat which helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

The bakers are imposed with certain restrictions while they are baking this bread. This is due to the texture of the bread and ciabatta will always include the standard components. At times an eatery menu list disappoints to give the nutritional benefits of its ciabatta bread. But, there is nothing to worry as it is safe to believe that it is a more delightful bread than something like ciabatta which might be offered on the counter of a health food store.

All the carbohydrate-rich meals are consumed in less quantity. Similarly, the ciabatta bread should also be consumed in balance. And utilized only as a portion of your diet that incorporates regular training.


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