Does Swimming Make You Taller

Does Swimming Make You Taller

Swimming to Grow Taller

A majority of short people find it difficult accepting their relatively smaller stature leaving most of them stressed. The disappointment is accelerated by the ridicule short people get from taller people. Some even go to the extent of calling them dwarfs. The good news is that stimulating an increase in human height isn’t an impossible task. Indeed, it’s very possible to even add up to 3 inches to your current height. We can do a lot of things such as adopting healthy eating habits, doing Yoga, taking supplements and engaging in exercises. However, engaging in exercises, especially swimming, is arguably the best way to accelerate growth. Swimming has widely been regarded as one of the best exercises to help you increase height. Not only does it help in height increase, but also serves as a full body workout that impacts almost every organ of the body. With the activity being such an effective exercise, the question “does swimming make you taller?” naturally start to creep in our minds. Swimming is the majority preferred exercise to gain height as it helps increase the energy level, lengthening the spine and promotes broadening of shoulders and chest. Most swimmers have a slim body, thin waist, broad shoulders and tall posture. It helps to increase the human growth hormone in the body that is essential for promoting growth.

Various ways in which swimming can help in increasing height

  • For you to benefit maximally from a swimming exercise, you’ll need to begin swimming at a much earlier age. Kids who develop a habit of swimming grow taller than non-swimmers. But it isn’t too late to start the exercise; it will still have a significant effect.
  • It helps in stretching the muscles throughout the body. This enhances growth promotion. It stimulates the release of growth hormone by the pituitary glands that promote an increase in height. Swimming stimulates the production of the lactate and nitric oxide in the body: the two components that stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. Before swimming, ensure that you first engage in a 10-minute intense stretching exercise. This will increase your chances of increasing height from swimming.
  • You should also eat well before swimming. You’re supposed to have a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates two hours before embarking on a swimming exercise. This gives your body ample time to digest the food so that it can be used when swimming to promote growth in the body. Consuming food before swimming also helps to replenish any lost energy.
  • Increasing height through swimming is not an overnight thing. It requires time and effort. Therefore, you need to be swim on a regular basis to reap its benefits.
  • Swimming alone will not give you maximum growth in height. You need to couple it with other stretching exercises such as hanging exercise, cycling, cobra stretching and other related exercises meant for height increase.
  • The longer the time taken in swimming, the more height growth you attain. This is because your body stretches out more and more. Swimming stretches your limbs, joints, and spine. These are areas that have growth plates that are responsible for increasing height. Swimming is an excellent way to add an extra inch to your vertical posture as well as helping you stay active healthy and active.

The two styles of swimming styles that are known to best induce growth of height are Breaststroke and Freestyle.

This is a swimming style that focuses on the movement of hands. It is one of the easiest swimming styles, and virtually anybody including complete swimming beginners can do the style. Oddly enough, the style is professionally regarded to be among the most difficult swimming styles known. The style entails stretching of arms while also striking your legs simultaneously. This is very important in lengthening your spine. Besides, you’ll also lengthen your neck and several other parts of your body. Freestyle is another great swimming style that helps you grow taller easily due to the manner in which you’re forced to stretch while applying it. As such, this enhances your flexibility and a general body growth which translates to more height. Conclusion Swimming, being one of the most efficient exercises, is a proven method through which you can increase height. This is due to the fact that the activity helps stretch your spine which in turn elongates the torso. Besides, various muscles used while swimming grows which is another way through which human body increases in size and height. In conclusion, it is easy to say that the more hours and effort you put into swimming, the more your body stretches out including parts such as the joints, limbs and most importantly the spine. A few minutes of swimming every week will, therefore, not only leave you fitter but also a few inches taller.

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