How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? Teeth Implants Cost

Losing a tooth is a disturbing situation both financially and emotionally. In case you lost a tooth and you want to go for a dental implant, then you need to understand the process and how much the implant will cost. This guide will give you an idea if you are considering implants to be a costly alternative.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a revolution in the dental field. Presently, it is the prime choice and the ideal process to substitute a single lost tooth or more than one tooth. But, many people are concerned about the charge of the dental implant. Initial cost for a dental implant is high, but there are several advantages which people cannot deny that comes with the dental implant over the bridge recovery procedure.

The cost of a single implant with the prosthesis costs around Rs 20,000 to 50,000. It depends on the quality and the brand of the dental implant which is used by the dentists. On the other hand, a bridge will cost you around Rs 9,000 to 30, 000 again based on the quality and the company. For example, PFM, Emax or Zirconia is some of the materials which can be used for dental implants. Moreover, the two ordinary asymptomatic teeth nearby to the missing tooth will also be removed.

Cost of Dental Implant

If you are considering ten years, the implants will typically be functioning as the other tooth. Also, you might need a cleansing in and around the implant just like the other normal tooth. But, even if the average lifespan of Bridge is 8 to 10 years, there might come a day when you have to replace the bridge. This replacement will again cost you a fortune of $ 167 (Rs 12, 000) to $ 558 (Rs 40,000) depending on the quality of the implant.

This is the additional increase in cost because there is a necessity to create a longer bridge in case of bone loss. All in all, the bridge might charge the same as the dental implant considering the fact there is a replacement involved. Therefore, even though the starting cost is radiating on a higher side, it is worthwhile for an extended period. Over time, the cost of the bridge will surpass the initial cost of the dental implant, so what do you think is better and cost-effective?

Additional Information on Dental Implant Cost

A dental implant merely is like surgery, because there are several factors behind the costing of the dental implant. The factors are the dentist’s charge, the location of the place, individual fees. Everything falls under the cost for one dental implant. Moreover, the intensity of the tooth concern might differ from one patient to the other. The conditions of the jawbone and gum, whether you need a bone graft or a temporary extraction, anesthesia, all are the various additional factors that add to the cost of a dental implant. Due to these specific variables, many people hesitate to quite prices. But do you want to hear this? You want to know what is the cost of an implant right. Therefore, if we look aside from the insurance differentials, the entire procedure can be wrapped up with$3000 to $5000.

Why are Implants So Costly?

First of all, implants are considered as surgery which is itself an expensive affair. This is due to the rate charged by the dentist as they are the ones who have the credentials in performing the procedure with technical superiority. Secondly, the success of the implant is based on the right diagnosis which starts from the consultation period to the crowning touches. It is imperative that some of the procedural steps will cost the implant for dental.


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