How to Get Longer Legs

In the world where models with long and lean and Smooth Legs seem to attract a glimpse of most people, it’s easy to start desiring longer legs. Once you stop growing, it isn’t possible to lengthen the bones in your legs. However, you can lengthen your leg muscles to make them portray you as having long legs like those seen on fashion show runways. Regular exercise can stave off the conditions that inhibit the growth of your legs to their maximum length. Wondering on how to get longer legs? Well, there are several exercises can make your legs seem leaner and taller.

Best Exercise to Get  Longer Legs

Leg Circles

Leg Circles

Leg circles will strengthen your hips flexors while stretching the hamstrings muscles and quadriceps. This stretching combination will help elongate your legs. To do the exercise, lie flat on the back and let the abdominal muscles pull in to the stomach. Lift the right foot straight to point to the ceiling as the left leg remain flat on the ground. By keeping both hips firmly to the ground, circle your right leg towards your opposite shoulder and then back as you inhale deeply. Exhale as you rotate the right foot back to the straightened position. Circle five times in the same direction before switching directions. Having done that, change feet and do repeat the same exercise with the left leg.

Yoga Squat

Yoga Squat

This is a modified squat that’s done when you’ve widened the space between your legs. The exercise concentrates on your inner thighs. To do this exercise, stand on your feet by maintaining a wider space between your feet than the hip width. With your toes turned out, squat down to as low as possible while keeping the chest upright and letting the arms hang down in front of you. Swing the arms up and to the sides when you are standing up so that they curve above the head. Do these exercises ten times a day.

Single-Straight Leg Stretch

Single-Straight Leg Stretch

Single Straight Leg Stretch is an intense exercise meant to help keep the muscles of your legs from bulking up. The exercise makes them grow stronger and longer because of the sleek muscle that develops in your upper leg. To do the exercise, lie flat on your back and lift both knees towards your neck. Now extend the right foot straight out and hold it 6 inches above the ground. Stretch the left foot straight up. By holding the ankle of your left foot with both hands, elevate your shoulders and head off the ground. Pulse your left leg in towards the torso in two quick successions. After that keep your legs straight and quickly scissor them to switch the right leg to the top. Repeat the exercise with your right leg at the top. Perform 5 to 10 sets of this exercise per day.

Tripod Knee-Ins

In this exercise, you are working both the lower and upper body, with a sideways twist for an excellent waist-whittling measure. By positioning in an inverted-V, lift the right leg and swing it back and up behind you for several times. Then switch the hips forward and bend at your shoulders toward a right leg while bending the right foot and pulling it under you and then knee to the opposite elbow. Pull yourself back to the tripod with the right leg still lifted. Do the exercise ten times and then switch the legs.

Pigeon Yoga Pose

Pigeon Yoga pose

You begin with your feet folded in lotus pose (sitting with your legs intercrossed). Having achieved this pose, bring forth your left knee so that it’s aligned with the nose. Unfold the right foot straight behind you while opening your left hip. Maintain in this position until you feel enough stretching in your inner side of the thighs. Conversely, you can raise the right leg so that it is in the same level with your shoulders. You can opt to either use your hands to hold the foot or rest your foot on your left elbow. Maintain in this position for half a minute or longer if you can.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Bend forward while touching the floor with your hands. You should this while ensuring your spine remains uncurled. Ensure to have your head is in line with your lower legs. While at it, maintain a stable distance between your hands and the legs which gives your body a triangular shape in this position. Lift your leg from the behind and stretch it out as high as you possibly can without opening your hips to the side. Maintain this position for about half a minute after which you can lower it and repeat the procedure this time on your right leg.

Sage Pose/Vasisthasana

This style is closely related to the downward facing dog. However, you’ll need to position your left arm about six inches to your right while standing at the center of your mat. You can then move your left foot forward so that it is facing to your right. Turn your body to the right while raising your right arm straight. Then lift your right leg slightly with a bent knee, and reach your right toe with your right hand. Gently stretch your feet while still maintaining the hold. Maintain this position for the next 30 seconds after which you can then repeat the exercise with your left leg.

Extended Side Angle

Extended Side Angle

Place your legs 4ft apart before twisting your hips slowly to the left while inching the toes. This means that your left leg is about four feet in front of the left leg. Your left toes should then face to the front while ensuring that your right toes face a little to the right. Bend your knees slightly into a lunge while opening the arms so that they’re in parallel to your mat. Your left arm should then stretch in front of the chest while your right-hand stretches behind you. Move your body towards the left thigh, while opening your hip to the right. Rest your left forearm on your left thigh and let your left arm stretch over your head. Maintain this position for a moment before switching sides.

The bottom line

The above poses and exercises are meant to work on your inner thighs and muscles on your leg to make them look sleeker and leaner in order to give you that “look taller” posture. You can supplement them by wearing high heels, long dresses or tight trousers. By doing so, you’ll appear taller, and your legs will seem longer. Match the dress or your trouser with the shoes. This will create a continuous complexion that will make you look to have longer legs. Having known how to get longer legs, I hope you’ll implement the exercises.

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