How to Ground Yourself? Grounding Techniques & Exercises for Anxiety

Grounding yourself means to be present in your body to the full extent and being connected to the earth. Walking barefoot on the sand near a sea or grass are examples of feeling grounded.

People to feel relaxed and have their mind cleared should undertake grounding exercises. Grounding also leads to recharging the energy in the body and enhances the instincts.Therefore, it is said that grounding helps in the growth of overall performance.


People who do not feel connected to earth and feel ungrounded at times might have to face some problems, ranging from fatigue, lack of sleep, chronic pain and Inflammation. Sometimes we do not even realize the cause of this problem.

Grounding helps to elevate the mood and reduce emotional stress as well.

It is also said that grounding is quite similar to centering, as once you learn the grounding techniques, you will be able to find your center for redistribution of energy from mind to body.

So many people are not even aware of the terms ‘Grounded and ungrounded’ so that they can also recognize the problems they might be feeling.

This problem may also lead to poor blood circulation in the body causing severe damage.

But the good thing is that people can try some techniques to feel grounded.

Let’s have a look at some of the grounding exercises and techniques –

  • Recognize your anxiety

Just before you start doing different activities, the first task or practice is to know or acknowledge your anxiety. Sometimes, people are not able to realize their worries.

The fear of something terrible happening leads to imagining that it is happening. So, it is necessary to detach your fear, and that can happen only when you make yourself realize that those are all thoughts of anxiety and not real.

  • Make your body move

The only thing which is connected to the surrounding is your body, so to make your body and soul grounded it is necessary to make your body move.

It can be anything whether taking a walk or run, doing exercise or maybe doing a little dance for a minute or two to feel connected to your body. This way you will feel relaxed from all the tensions of the coming future and make you feel lively at the moment.

So, get up, tie your shoelaces and start moving.

  • Paying attention to your feet

The first exercise which you can try to feel grounded is to feel your feet. This exercise is quite fast and effective. Keep all your attention on the bottom of your feet for a while and pay attention to the sensations caused due to the close interaction of the feet and any surface.

  • Try to stand like a tree

In this exercise, you can stand with feet parallel to each other and are your shoulder’s width apart. With the chin tucked and straight spine keeps your head floating above the body. Keep your hands at the sides. Without changing your posture put all your body weight into your feet to allow the tension to be absorbed into the ground.

  • Socialize with people

Thinking about something on your own, or bearing specific problems by only yourself can make you feel anxious.

Therefore, it is essential to share your thoughts with other people as well so that your mind can focus on someone else and give you a perspective beyond you and your lifestyle. Being on your own might be your personal choice, but such behavior can also lead to loneliness following with feeling ungrounded.

When you talk and connect to people you tend to share your anxiousness and worries with them, so it is a useful technique of feeling grounded.

  • You can cover the crown of your head

Placing a hand over the top of your head is another exercise you could try to feel grounded. Just close your eyes and cover your crown, you will feel good.

  • Trace your breath

The next exercise is to follow your breath as the air enters your nose and through the windpipe goes to your lungs. This is the inhaling process. While exhaling, you have to follow your breath leaving the lungs and making its way out from the nose or mouth.

At first, you won’t feel like it is useful, but as you will practice for some time, you will reach to perfection.

  • A cold shower works

You can get many health benefits if you try this exercise. Having a cold shower can elevate your mood. This may enhance the immunity and can help to reduce weight by cutting fat.

In the time span of 3 weeks, try to take a slightly cold water shower and stay under it for a bit longer. This way your body will become habitat the cold water.

Those who are not such a good fan of cold water can try this process.

But, the people who have high blood pressure can avoid this exercise.

  • Roll around like a cat or a dog

The animals like dog and cat do this exercise to release the negative energy by getting connected to the earth like that.

This exercise is quite efficient and is done to discharge your negative energy into mother earth.

You can do this exercise for as much time you want. You will see how useful such an act can make you feel.

  • Connect with nature

The calmness which resides in nature is very useful in making you feel connected to it. In a way, it gives you peace from your busy scheduled life.

It’s effortless to go to a park and sit there and look at the flowers, the butterflies. It will give you immense pleasure to see a butterfly sucking up the nectar from a flower. Just listening to the rhythmic tip-tap sound of rain can make you smile. That is the magic of nature!

So, to feel grounded you should note these exercises and techniques to avoid feeling ungrounded and achieving Calmness.


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