topping cereal with fresh berries

When I woke up this morning I was craving some cereal in a bad way. I don’t eat breakfast cereal very often anymore but last time Roger and Cayden went grocery shopping, Cayden picked out a cereal just for me.

Special K Fruit & Yogurt

He picked a good one! I’ve never had it but it’s daaaaaang good. I love topping cereal with fresh berries so I added some strawberries and blueberries and it was delicious! I love that the cereal he picked out for me was a pretty healthy one. Had he known the pre-2008 me, he would’ve picked Reese’s Puffs without question.


I realize hate is a strong word but I think it’s okay to use for workouts and I knew before I did my workout today that I’d hate it.

I was right!

Normally I’m all for a good leg workout. They’re usually my favorite so I was excited going into this one. I love heavy deadlifts and squats and kind of expected to see a lot of them.

Not so.

Body Beast Bulk Legs was on a whole different level. It was the most challenging workout (both physically and mentally) that I think I’ve ever done. I guess that means it’s a good one. My limits were tested for sure and if you hate lunges, I’m will to bet your limits would’ve been tested too! Is there not a way to make those things a little more tolerable? Good grief.

I completed 318 reps on both legs.

I had to convince my brain several times to keep going. In the end, I did and it feels amazing. I’m definitely very proud of myself today! Sometimes you just have to take it all in and realize what you’ve just accomplished and relish in it. Today is one of those days.

Overall of course it was a GREAT workout but I am NOT excited for next time.

Q. What is the toughest workout you’ve ever completed? 

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