Resistance Band Workouts for Women

Resistance bands are ubiquitous things that might be found in your closet; you might also find them settling behind the kettlebells. However, if you are a person who is a regular trainer, your sessions must involve the use of resistance bands. These are flexible strengtheners which go smoothly on the body and target your muscles with continuous and controlled tension. Resistance bands are compact, and that’s why can be carried from one place to another. Moreover, it is cheap and is accessible in various fitness centres. 

Take a set of resistance bands which will stimulate your entire body (they arrive in all various levels of resistance for multiple fitness levels) for a 20-minute resistance band exercise. You can conduct resistance band workout pretty much anytime and anywhere. Let us have a look at some of the band exercise for women.


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Hold the handles and step on the band keeping the feet with shoulder distance apart. Keep your toes in the front, and put the body weight in your heels. Draw the handles behind your shoulders keeping the palms in the front. Then squat down by putting the pressure at the hips and placing onto your heels, then return to the standing position. Repeat it for better results.

Front and Lateral Raise 

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Rest one foot on the resistance band, or you can place both to build extra resistance. Roll back your shoulders and facing down, raise your arms right in front of your chest after that lower your arms. Moving the shoulders up and down, lift the arms in a straight way out to your sides. 

Leg Extensions 

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Leg extensions are one of the best workouts for lower body. Start the leg extension in a tabletop position with the resistance band approximately one foot and manage in both hands. Stretch your leg behind to make a straight line, pressing your glutes, then revert to beginning position. 

Seated Twist 

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The seated twist is another excellent exercise for women. Begin seated twist in a seated position, lean back to 45 degrees, roll your shoulders back and lift your chest. Knees bent and put your feet on the ground. Wrap the band in half and press it straight facing your chest with both the arms. Pull the resistance band for more resistance, while hitting it to the ground on your right side and repeat it with the left side.

Plank Hop Over Band 

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Place the resistance band in a straight line position on the ground. Lie down and take the plank posture. Balance your hands with the help of the resistance band and keep the feet on the right-hand side of the band. Try to keep the shoulders, elbows, and wrists in the same line. This will help you bounce your feet from one side of the band to the other. 

Loop Through

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To do this exercise, you must lie horizontally on the area with extended arms over your head. Take the band and fold it into half and press with both hands. After holding the resistance band, pull it to increase the resistance. Driving with your chest, you must sit up and bring your chest closer to your knees. And your feet must be staying off the floor. Take the resistance band above your head and pass it above your feet and under the legs. Maintaining the band below your legs, lie down in your back. Retake a crunch towards the sky, turning the resistance band above your legs to rotate back to the starting posture.

Resisted Push Up 

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Fold the band throughout your shoulders and back, then put the band handles below your palms as you are now trying to assume the plank position (circle the resistance band throughout your hands to generate extra resistance) Go lower into a push up, and as you come back to the plank position, you must sense the strength.

Lateral Jumps over the band 

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Place the resistance band on the ground. Stand to the right of the band and start jumping from one side to another. make sure your knees have a soft bend to create more pressure at the lower part of the body

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