What Is Spirulina? Spirulina Nutrition & Health Benefits

Being a kid that didn't like vegetables, I never thought that I'd be eating anything like this. And you might be astonished to know that it's one of the most formidable foods on the planet. And, it has nutritional value that is truly mind-blowing. But people feel that consuming algae is just kind of strange, isn't it? However, strange it may be until and unless you get to know that spirulina has the maximum protein content than any food on earth can have. Some of the longest-lived civilizations in human history, like the Aztecs of Mexico City, utilized spirulina as the #1 source of protein to fortify their health and nutrition. It's really surprising to know about this food and its nutritional density. The U.N. has suggested that spirulina should be used as a food source to fight malnutrition. Here are some health benefits of spirulina:

1. Spirulina has abundant vitamins.

A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K. Vitamin A is vital here because it has been peculiarly harmonized with longer tenure. The more safe, usable vitamin A you have in your system, the longer you're likely to live. Now if that isn't a must have quality, I don't know what is. Spirulina has the protease, phytonutrients, and cofactors so that your body can actually soak it up it and use it wisely. Man-made, artificial “multi-vitamins” are not a complete food in any sense, and a great deal of it will not be usable by your body. And to make matters worse, it will likely set off an immune response as well. This is why it's vital to consume vitamins from food which have safe use since ancient times. Do not volunteer yourself as a dummy for multivitamin companies.

2.Robust Source of Proteins.

As stated, spirulina has the excessive concentration of protein of any known food. It's 65 – 71 percent protein by weight. The thing which is of crucial importance is that its absolute protein which has all 8 required amino acids necessary for sustaining a healthy life.
Protein is the utmost requirement in today's world. Amino acids hold the place in cell metabolism, detoxification, regeneration of tissues, repair, and more. Amino acids impact the functioning of your nervous system, cardiovascular system, hormones, and muscle. Honestly, nothing in your body functions without a sufficient supply of real amino acids. With spirulina, you get true, unimpaired amino. If you know the significance of protein, then spirulina is a must have food for you.

3. Superhuman restoration.

Spirulina holds a remarkable antioxidant/polypeptide called phycocyanin. Please don't let the fancy word get you off inappropriate conclusions. Basically, phycocyanin is a blue pigment of color found in spirulina that has some really exceptional characteristics. For keeping it basic simple and to the point, the scientists have discovered that phycocyanin can trigger the production of stem cells. What does this mean? Well, this means that the stems cells precisely can enhance any cells that your body needs. Need more blood cells? Fine, here you go. More resistant cells? More muscle cells? More cells to mend disfigured ligaments? If your body is manufacturing more of these stem cells, then you have the ongoing chances of being rebuilt. Isn't It great?

4. Body fat & weight loss.

Nutrient deficiency is typically the #1 cause of overeating. Your body requires nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and essential fatty acids like GLA (all found in spirulina by the). Your body discharges the hunger hormone ghrelin to get you to bring in some nutrient concentrated food to get those things, but instead… in comes a roll. Short term solution: you're not hungry anymore. Problem: you're hungry again after about an hour because your body didn't get what it needed. Because of this, the gherlin stays in commanding of your taste. By consuming astonishing nourished foods like spirulina, you're providing your body the raw materials it needs to keep you fit and activate the discharge of the satiety hormone leptin to help keep your appetite in control. You will be feeling good, stop longing for inferior quality food, and your body starts to burn down more body fat naturally.

5. Anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-aging effects.

In peep analysis, scientific studies, amalgam in spirulina were found to inhibit HIV-1 simulation in human extracted T-cells and in human blood mononuclear cells. This is truly exceptional to say the minimum. Various researches have also found that spirulina causes anti-cancer (NK) cells to become more successful at destroying cancer cells. In one US study, spirulina extracts were found to minimize oral cancer cells. A beta-carotene solution provided to cancerous tumors lowers the number and size of tumors or caused them to vanish. And above all, spirulina is unimaginably have ample amount of antioxidants that safeguard against DNA damage and the untimely maturing of your cells.

With these 5 Benefits for a healthy lifestyle now you've realized the importance of Spirulina. As the quality holds a great importance make sure that you're getting your spirulina from a reliable source that doesn't over-process or destroy the dainty combinations in any manner. You can drain your time, energy and money on low-quality spirulina, but you'll be missing out on the amazing benefits the real one can give you. My suggestion would be to consume Perfect Spirulina from Perfect Supplements. The quality is unbelievable, and they're one of the few companies that will actually provide you with a certificate of verification. They are a very moral and transpicuous company, and you'll be very satisfied with the spirulina you get from them.
As far as the consumption is concerned it varies from person to person, you can even try it out with your smoothie.

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