What Is Tarragon? What Does It Taste Like? What Are Its Substitutes?

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Tarragon is a shrubby herb, which is a small size which comes from sunflower family and is small in size.

It is cultivated in two species which are Russian and French. The leaves of the latter are glossier and pungent.

The herb is known for its flavoring for vinegar and is quite frequently used in sauces, pickles, prepared mustards, and relishes. Also, it adds a fond flavor of sauces.

It is also good when used with soups, stews, and meat, fish, and egg dishes and used with tomato.

It adds flavor to egg and cheese dishes.

When it comes to storing these herbs, it is preferred to keep it in a cold, dry, and dark places.

This herb is the native to western Asia, southern Russia and France are considered as its primary producer.

It is also called Artemisia Dracunculus and is considered as the essential part of French cuisine that it is one of the ‘Fines Herbes.’ These herbs also include parsley, chives, and chervil.

It also has various health benefits such as pain relief, increases appetite, induces sleep, improves intestinal function, cardiovascular health, and also helps in promoting reproductive health in females.

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What does it taste like?

This herb is known for its bittersweet flavor with an aroma similar to anise.

It is true that Tarragon has many benefits, but it can be substituted with other herbs too. Those who do not want to use tarragon and want a substitute for it with the same benefits should look at the list below-


  • Even though the smell of it is similar to of the tarragon, it is considered virtually sturdy.
  • It is uncommon in America but is quite popular in the European nation and France.
  • The leaves of this herb can surely enhance the taste of white fish, eggs, salads, vegetables, sauces, soups, and chicken.
  • You can also use it as a potential replacement for parsley and chives.
  • You can also create herb butter to experience new flavors.


  • It has a sweet, citrus style and comfortably rivals the licorice style of the tarragon. This Ovate-leaved is sensitive to cold.
  • It has flowering leaves and is thirty inches high.
  • This herb can be used in a variety of things starting with sauces, dressing, season soups, and stews.
  • The benefits of this marjoram are similar to that of tarragon.
  • You should try creamy mushroom marjoram soup, it is full of nutrients and proteins and is vegetarian-friendly.
  • While making this soup, you might create a fondness for marjoram over tarragon.


  • This is a mixture of tarragon and fennel and grows over 3 feet fall. This tracheophyte also bears fruit and flowers.
  • It has a particular flavor, somewhat like a black jellybean.
  • Aniseed can be used in a biological process in flavored medicines, in liquor, or can be used for seasoning tea.
  • Also, it has several health benefits too, such as treating pain from bloating and catamenial cramps in women.
  • Using it in desserts is attributable to its sweet taste. You may bake a cookie with it.


  • An herb which is originated before tarragon like Thyme could be an excellent substitute for it.
  • It has a great taste too.
  • Thyme was used for embalming by the traditional Egyptians.
  • Also, these herbs were used to assure the safety of warriors, ensuring safe passage into the lifespan, and keeping the nightmares away.
  • Thyme comes from the family which is related to oregano and mint families.
  • When it is harvested, the tiny leaves on it make it look like oregano.
  • This herb can be used both dried and contemporary, but it is considered most tasteful when it is fresh.

Fennel Seed

  • Fennel is a hardy plant, which has feather-like leaves along with yellow flowers.
  • The fennel’s style is similar to the anise seed.
  • It can be used to fulfill a variety of purposes, such as absinthe, medicines, and natural health care merchandise.
  • The leaves of this herb are exceptionally soft and can be very instrumental when used with puddings, fish sauces, to add garnish, and flavor salads.
  • Fennel is also good for adding in the desserts and sweet soups.
  • This herb is also known for its versatility when involved in cooking something.
  • One can surely try fennel frozen dessert if he/she is trying to be experimental.


  • This plant grows of about 3-4 feet tall and is usually found in pastures.
  • The compound leaves of this plant which are growing umbral of white or light-green white flowers have good components.
  • But, the root of this plant contains the maximum amount of useful components.
  • This plant is used in countries like Japan, China, and Asia. It plays a vital role in treating bound ailments and also in healing.
  • The seeds and roots of Angelica are considered to have flavor liquors like chartreuse and gin.
  • Also, it contains additional characteristic flavor in food. The licorice flavor of this herb makes it a good substitute for tarragon in making sweet dishes.
  • It is suggested instead of buying it, growing it by yourself is better to know how better of a substitute it is of tarragon.


  • It is an element of the celery family, and it does not have an identical licorice flavor of tarragon.
  • It has a slightly bitter taste. Therefore, it is good to use it with meat and fish. But, do remember that a tiny amount of it is enough, or else it might make the dish too bitter.
  • Dill and lemon complement one another, so you can use them together too.

Cinnamon powder

  • It can be used in French sauce like Bearnaise. To replace tarragon, you can add ½ tsp of cinnamon powder, ½ tsp of parsley, and ¼ cup of water.
  • Heat the water and then take the spices and keep them in the new pool.
  • After it starts simmering, you can take the wash the warmth supply.
  • Avoid boiling the water, instead, simmer it a little.
  • This can be used for soups, dish dressings, and French sauce.

Final word

All these substitutes are to make modifications in style and taste. If you are unsatisfied with Tarragon and looking for some alternatives with equal potential you can surely try the above herbs.

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