When Do Girls Stop Growing in Height? Growth Chart of Girls

Girls grow taller at a fast speed throughout childhood and adolescence. After they hit puberty, growth improves dramatically. Girls stop growing and reach grown-up height usually between the ages of 14 or 15 years, or several years after menses begins.

How Does Puberty Affect Growth?

In general, girls have a growth spurt in some years before menstruation starts. For maximum girls, the growth spurt begins starts the ages of 10 and reaches up to 13. Following this year span, the girls grow just 1 to 2 inches more in one or two years after receiving their first period. This age period is the exact time when they reach the adult height. Majority of the girls attain their adult height by the age of 14 or 15. This age could be juvenile depending on when a girl first perceives her period.

What Can Be the Average Height of Girls?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height for grown-up women over 20 years old is 63.8 inches, or you can merely say under 5 foot, 4 inches. The standard height at the initial start of puberty is around 50 inches; therefore, you can see that is a lot of growth lot during a short period for girls.

Age and Height Chart

8-127.5 cm (50 in.)

9-133 cm (52 in.)

10- 138 cm (54 in.)

11- 144 cm (56.5 in.)

12- 151 cm (59.5 in.)

13- 157 cm (62 in.)

14- 160.5 cm (63 in.)

15- 162 cm (64 in.)

16- 162.5 cm (64 in.)

17- 163 cm (64 in.)

18- 163 cm (64 in.)

Is there Any Genetics Role in Height Formation?

The height that you are having has a lot to do with the height of your parents. This is because body growth patterns and structures tend to tun in the families. If you happen to go to a pediatrician, you will face questions like what is the height of your mother or father, family height history and moreover, growth structures. There are various exciting techniques to predict the height of a girl, one of the method is called the mid-parental way.

To use this system, add the height in inches of the parent mother and father parent. Then divide the sum by two. After that, deduct 2.5 inches of the number. To ascertain the foretold height for a boy, you can add 2.5 inches to the concerned sum.

Delay in Growth

Several circumstances influence growth, varying from nutrition to medications. Some girls may notice a delay in height growth due to certain specific health conditions — for example, growth hormone issues, critical arthritis, or cancer. Genetic conditions are also relevant. For example, girls who are born with dysfunctions like Down syndrome, Noonan syndrome, or Turner syndrome tend to remain shorter than their parents and other family members. Interestingly, girls who have Marfan’s syndrome might gain a good height.

A teen who has paused growth will beget less time to grow before the edge of their sport. Girls may gain a meter long in height from adolescence through puberty. Getting adequate sleep, eating nutritious meals, and exercising daily are all the elements that can help them thrive.

Girls and boys have different ways of growth and the reasons to differ, do not tend to generalize the factors because they are entirely different. 

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